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24 June 2016
Credit Point System

Credit Point System

 The following accreditation system is intended for health care providers.

Participation in CPD activities will be linked to a credit point system. Credit points will be accumulated on the basis of 3-5-years cycle.

In order to maintain consistency in the uptake of CPD activities, all health care providers including medical and dental practitioners, nurses, pharmacists and allied health will be expected to acquire minimum credit points within each year of the 3-5 year cycle in the relevant discipline as shown in Table 1.

However, within the three to five-year cycle all health care providers will then be expected to acquire the minimum 60-200 credit points in the relevant discipline according to their specialty e.g. dietitians, nurses, nutritionist, doctors etc…

Upon acquisition of the stipulated credit points for the determined cycle, a certificate of satisfactory completion of CPD activities will be awarded to the participants.

The Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB) fully supports and recognizes the participation of practitioners in accredited CPD activities in order to promote and maintain the highest standards of health care to patients and the community at large.

CPD will be one of the criteria considered when:
  • Applying for promotion and career development
  • Renewal of Contract (non-Omanis)
  • Applying for participation in International Conferences and Courses
  • Re-licensing

Postgraduate candidates are exempted from the credit point systems.

Categorization of CPD activities

A number of factors influence the decision to categorize any CPD activity and to determine the amount of credit allotted to it.  These factors include:

  • Type of CPD provider
  • Extent to which the activity is structured
  • Organizational resources required for planning and conducting the program
  • Degree of involvement of the participants in the learning opportunities
  • Choice of scheduling and the venue

On average, activities considered as Category I activities allow the participants to claim 1 credit point for every hour of participation, while Category II events give 0.5 point for the same period.  Some events in either group receive different credit ratings.


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